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     Natural and Herbal Medicine 

    Dr. Luis Márquez Robles

    • italiano
    • netherlands
    • 2011: Graduated in Medicine, University of Valencia
    • 2015/2016: Master in Natural Medicine, Homeopathy and Acupuncture. University of Valencia



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    During the Paediatric appointment in our medical centre the patient undergoes diagnostic tests and the treatment of all types of childhood illnesses.

    Pruebas para diagnóstico pediátrico

    Diagnosis of paediatric diseases and disorders

    • General consultation and emergency consultation, babies, children and teenagers
    • General fisical examination
    • ECG
    • Audiometry
    • Blood and urine analisis
    • Sonography
    • Other medical examinations

    Pediatrics in Valencia

    In the pediatric service of our medical center we perform the analysis, diagnosis and treatment of all types of childhood diseases.

    Caring for all our patients is always an absolute priority for us. However, when the patient is a child, the fundamental thing is not only to heal him, but also to make his visit in our center a pleasant experience that favors his quick cure.

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    Tratamiento pediátrico conservador

    Conservative paediatric treatment

    • Advice on eating disorders (obesity, anorexia, food intolerances)
    • Sleep disorder treatment
    • Allergy treatment
    • Urgent consultations in case of emergency
    • Vaccines
    • Advice on learning or behavior problems
    • Treatment of digestion disorders (vomiting, diarrhea, stomachache)
    • Recurrent and acute infections, chronic deseases
    • Alternative, effective, preventive and safe treatment to avoid the excessive use of antibiotics, analgesics and antihistamines

    Pediatric Revisions - healthy child revision

    Children must have pediatric controls more often when they are younger. This is due to the fact that the development is faster during these years and a longer follow-up is required to detect any alteration or anomaly in advance.

    A complete physical examination is performed during each pediatric check-up. During this test, the pediatrician checks the growth and development of the baby or child in order to find or prevent problems. The pediatrician will record the child’s weight, height, and other important information, such as hearing or vision.

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    In our clinic in Valencia Natural Medicine and Healing forms part of the concept and understanding of a modern and integrative medicine.

    Philosophy of Natural Medicine

    Natural medicine is a part of medicine that is based on the application of elements forming part of the nature, like water, sun, soil or plants. The human being is understood as a part of nature and should be in accord with it as an healthy individuum.Natural medicine proceeds on the assumption that nature tends to spontaneous healing: “vis medicatrix naturae”. The task of the medical professional is to regulate and to increase this ability to self-heal. The patient will be treated here in an integral and individual way.

    Techniques in natural medicine

    Natural healing methods that are approved because of their therapeutic effectiveness are:

    • Phytotherapy. Application of medical plants for prevention, healing or alleviation of illness
    • Balneotherapy. Medical baths, mineral water cures, inhalation
    • Heliotherapy. Therapeutic use of solar radiation
    • Geotherapy. Therapeutic application of soil like alumina, fango, mud
    • Hidroterapia. Use of water as a therapeutic agent in different forms, temperatures and states of aggregation
    • Thermotherapy. Application of warmth as a therapy
    • Manual therapies and therapeutic massage
    • Diet therapy. Prevention and healing of diseases by adding or eliminating food components and nutrients
    • Aromatherapy. Using the healing potential of essential oils for therapy

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    You are looking for an English speaking GP in Valencia? Then you are at the right place! Our general doctor will be happy to treat you quickly and professionally.

    Medicina General


    • General consultation and emergency consultation, adults and children
    • General fisical examination
    • Health check-ups

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