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    Carlos Dolz Peris

    2018: Graduated in Podiatry , Universidad Católica de Valencia.

    2018-2022: Podiatrist in Podoactiva, Valencia.

    2019-2022: Head of Business Development and Expansion in Podoactiva

    2021: Master in Sports Podiatry, WAPS

    2022: Master in Pediatric Podiatry, WAPS

    2022: MBA with specialization in digital business, EDEM

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    Podiatric treatment that consists on the elimination of calluses and alterations in the toenails, toes and feet in order to prevent these minor injuries from aggravating and deriving into more serious ones. These sessions and general evaluations of the foot also allow the podiatrist to check for possible skin diseases such as fungus or
    papilloma, among others.

    Biomechanical Studies

    A biomechanical study of the gait is a set of diagnostic tests performed with high-precision technology that allows the podiatrist to identify and prevent possible pathologies and injuries of the foot, as well as its relationship with other structures such as the knee, hip or spine.

    Through this complete analysis the professional analysis
    the way how the patient walks, helping to diagnose or advising how to prevent the offset of pathologies and muscular and osteoarticular injuries such as flat feet, pes cavus, plantar fasciitis, calluses and hardness, blisters, muscle overload, repetitive sprains, etc..

    Podiatric Surgery

    The objective of this service is to provide definitive solutions to pathologies that have not been treated with conservative treatment throughout the foot and ankle. All these interventions are performed under local anaesthesia and on an outpatient basis, so that the patient can return home usually one hour after completion of the
    intervention, in some cases even earlier. Minimally invasive surgery are performed, therefore, through incisions of 2-3 millimetres we are able to access the structures in order to intervene and develop the different surgical gestures for resolution of the diagnosed pathology.

    Regenerative Therapy

    The application of therapies for the earliest recovery of any type of injury. This type of treatment has proven effective in accelerating the healing and regeneration of tissues, in the treatment of plantar fasciitis, tendonitis and ligament injuries, muscle and bone
    fractures, and healing of ulcers and wounds.

    It is performed through infiltrations, reducing pain and inflammation, and making the injury recovery process less traumatic.

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