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     Analisis and certificates 

    Analisis and Certificates

    Analisis and biopsies carried our in our clinic

    • Blood tests: Blood tests are basic tools for the doctors to determine the pathologies, to keep control of the illnesses or certain health conditions or to control the effectiveness of the medical treatment. Basic bloodtests, as well as more complex genetic values, hormone profiles, tumour markers or glucose/fructose intolerance and many more can be tested through our colaborating laboratory.
    • Stool and urine test : Urine and stool tests are carried out in order to verify infectious processes or to detect blood in stool or urine, as well as drugs or abnormal cells.
    • Pregnancy test:  during the test human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) is measured in the blood or in the urine of the pregnant woman.
    • Microbiological culture: a supeficial sample is taken from the skin or mucose to study its popuation or the degree of infection with the microorganisms (bacteria, virus, fungi). The sample is placed into an optimal environment to stimulate the growth and reproduction of the germs. After that medical resistanse tests can be done to optimize the treatment of the infections caused by mentioned microorganisms.  The samples are taken from nostrils, pharynx, bronchi, genital or anal area, skin, infected wounds or other spots.
    • Allergy test: In our practice we carry out skin allergy tests (aka Prick test) and blood allergy tests. We also offer dieting plans and treatments, either of medical or homeopathic nature, as well as desensitization or vaccination.
    • Biopsy: a small sample of a tissue is usually taken to determine pathological processes and reveal more information about the disease. The samples are collected by scratching, a puncture or an excision.

    Certificados médicos emitidos en nuestra clínica

    • School Certificate
    • Labour Certificate
    • Medical Certificate for Sick Leave
    • Fitness To Fly Certificate
    • Diving Certificate

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