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    Collaboration Offers in Medicality

    09.05.2020   CARDIOLOGIST

    We would like to offer Cargiology as a new specialty to our private  patients, including Stress test, Echocardiography, etc. We are looking for a motivated friendly specialist ready to form part of our team, to cover a job position and in the future  extend the work activity.  Initially the candidate is planned to start with 3-4 hours weekly attending the patients and carrying out the tests. We also offer the possibility to rent a working space in the clinic in order to collaborate with us (co-working).


    Medicality News


    We have two new staff members… DR. LUCAS DI MARCO, GENERAL PRACTICIONER https://medicality.es/en/equipo-medico/dr-lucas-ruben-di-marco/ and DR. JOSÉ LUIS MARENCO, UROLOGIST https://medicality.es/en/equipo-medico/dr-jose-luis-marenco-jimenez/. Both are fluent en English.


    We have adapted our premises and and customer service procedures to the extraordinary situation of the pandemic caused by Coronavirus SARS Cov-2.

    • Face masks and gloves  – obligatory for everyone, the medical team is additionally protected with facial screens and surgery coats when indicated
    • The team is tested at a slightest chance of being infected with SARS Cov-2
    • Frequent desinfection of the surfaces, bathrooms, devices, door handles, examination tables, etc.
    • Protection screen for the reception desk
    • desinfection of public areas with ozone
    • Promotion and optimization of the videoconsultation services
    • In-person visits with the limited number of people in the clinic (one companion maximum per patient, flexible agenda)
    • Exclusive waiting lounge for the patients with high respiratory infections.

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