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    Lisa Salem

    2012-present: works as a private physiotherapist

    2013: Graduated in Physiotherapy, University of Valencia

    2008-2012: Studies in Physiotherapy, University of Valencia

    1996: Training in Massage and Relaxation, Melbourne College of Natural Medicine, Australia

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    Physiotherapy is understood as the application of massages, stretching, manipulation, light, heat, electricity, etc. for the prevention, recovery and / or cure of certain ailments. The physiotherapy sessions are totally individualized, last approximately one hour and are dedicated to a single patient.

    tratamientos de terapia manual

    Special physiotherapy offers in Medicality

    • Physical Therapy and Manual Therapy: We carry out personalized treatments of manual therapy and therapeutic exercise with the main objective of reducing pain and improving the overall function of our body.
    • In physiotherapy, movement is everything, it is the great ally of recovery and that is why a set of therapeutic methods is used in order to mobilize the muscles and joints and other tissues of our body.
    • Through Manual Therapy we manage to increase the articular range, reduce edema or inflammation, release restrictions, induce relaxation, improve the extensibility, tensegrity and contractility of the tissue.
    • We also carry out personalized anti-stress treatments: this involves stimulating circulation, stretching and other techniques.
    • Manual lymphatic drainage: for edema of the legs due to venous insufficiency, lymphatic edema after radiotherapeutic treatment.
    Fisioterapia en Valencia: técnicas terapéuticas y tratamientos aplicados

    Therapeutic techniques and treatments applied in physiotherapy

    • Massage therapy: application of massages (decontracting, anti-stress etc.)
    • Kinesitherapy: treatment of ailments through movement
    • Thermotherapy: application of heat on the body (shortwave infrared etc.)
    • Cryotherapy: application of cold on the body.
    • Electrotherapy: application of electromagnetic energy to cause physiological and biological reactions in the body (ultrasound, shortwave, magnetotherapy etc.)
    • Laser therapy: laser application on an injured area in order to accelerate the recovery process and provide an improvement at bone, tendon, ligament or skin level.
    • Physiotherapy techniques: BGM, DLM, Bobath, PNF
    tratamiento fisioterapéutico del bruxismo

    Pathologies we can treat with Physiotherapy

    • Neuro-skeletal and myofascial muscle pain
    • The “algias” of the spine
    • Oro-facial pain and pathology of the TMJ (Early Manidibular Joint): blockages, snapping, bruxism
    • Common headaches, migraines
    • Pelvic floor: incontinence, lumbo-pelvic pain, constipation, compression of the pudendal nerve
    • Sports injuries: tendinopathies, sprains and fibrillar muscle tears
    • Chronic pain: fibromyalgia, arthritis
    • Degenerative lesions: osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, discopathies
    • Post-surgical rehabilitation
    • Prevention and postural education.
    combinación yoga y fisioterapia

    YOGAPHYS: an exclusive offer only in Medicality!

    What is Yogaphys?

    Yogaphys is a combination of evidence-based physiotherapy and yoga. The benefits of yoga activity merge with the knowledge about the movement, anatomy and pathologies that the physiotherapist has.

    “Not everything is for everyone, we must ensure that the movement is beneficial for each person.” We will work personally and individually taking into account the characteristics and meeting the needs of each and every patient.

    We have developed the following options of Yogaphys:

    • Healthy Back: rehabilitation of the cervical-dorsal and lumbo-sacral area
    • Pelvic and core floor (the area that encompasses the entire abdominal region and partially lower back)
    • Stretching and relaxation

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