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     Health Promotion 

    Health Promotion

    Live better! Our programmes for a better health and life quality.

    To reach a correct bodyweight is just as important for prevention of your health as to stop smoking. And it is just as difficult!

    In Medicality we tackle this subject in a multidisciplinary way: with our cardiologist, psicologist, coach, acupuncturist and our nutritionist.

    Losing weight does not only mean being on a diet or taking some pills, it means rethinking and changing your lifestyle, including your family and social enviroment in doing so.

    We are convinced that you can reach your target weight with an individual plan and our support!

    Too much stress lowers our quality of life and makes us sick

    Therefore beating or reducing stress is a very important and hard challenge in order to prevent illness and achieve physical and mental balance.

    We can help you: with the support of our psychologist and our coach we can teach you how to better handle your life and stress level, which relaxation techniques or acupressure points can easily be part of your daily life, and which activities can successfully help you reduce your stress level.

    We draw up an individual plan together with you and you will be able to carry it out without problems – it will change your life!

    Stop smoking, it is the best you can do for your health!

    We help you with this project, as a multidisciplinary team we work out an individual plan for you and check your progress.

    Different specialists take your particular situation into consideration, because diverse factors have to be considered for a successful smoking cessation:

    • Personality
    • Accompanying diseases and medications
    • Social and familiar environment
    • The severity of addiction

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    If only there were a failproof remedy for snoring!

    Tracheotomy would be one – sltightly radical, but fortunately there are other options that work, by themselves or combined. In order to evaluate which solution is the best one for you, you need a detailed analysis performed by the specialist, the evaluation of the anatomic situation, especially with regards to nose or palate pathologies, a somnography to rule out sleep apneas, the evalulation of other factors such as weight, medication etc.

    This complete study can be carried out at Medicality, where we can find the best solution for you, whether surgical or conventional.

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