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    You can be tested at Medicality to detect an infection with the Coronavirus SARS Covid-19. Our prices include medical prescription and report in English.

    PCR: 100€, results in 24-48 hours

    antigen test: 35€, results in 15 minutes

    urgent antigen test (walk-in appointment): 50€, results in 15 minutes

    antibody test: 70€, results in 15 minutes

    For discounts on groups or several tests please ask us.

    For a journey you will need a PCR and/or an antigen test. Please confirm first the specific conditions in your destiny country and for your flying company.

    If you haven´t had or have symptoms of a Covid-19 infection, but you want to know if you have been infected and have acquired immunity, we recommend a serological test to detect IgG and IgM/IgA antibodies against the virus.

    If you have symptoms of a Covid-19 infection, we recommend the antigen test and the PCR test.




    Your physical and mental performance, your creativity and your vital energy have their biological basis in the blood. The components that feed the cells to reach our maximum potential are essential for proper cell function. On the contrary, we usually do not pay enough attention to their presence and concentration, nor in our dietary habits or blood tests.

    In Medicality we offer you a comprehensive advice on Blood Tuning, with a complete and specific blood analysis and an individual plan to improve your energy level and your quality of life.

    For detailed information call us!



    An active sexual life means fun without worry, but also responsibility towards the health of your partner and yours. Therefore, take advantage of our Sexual Health Check, not only when you notice something worrying, but also when you feel well. Our check-up includes a medical consultation with our specialist doctor in infectious diseases or with our dermatologist, and a complete analysis of sexually transmitted diseases.

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    To protect you against the flu, Covid and other infections… Vitamin C in high dosis and intravenous is a very efective treatment to boost your immun system and to protect you against infections. Please ask for our special offers!


    Special offer:

    Only this month! Get your snoring, apnoe and sleep quality diagnostics for only 99€! (before 150€).

    Ambulant, in your house, without cables and totally reliable. In Medicality we treat the subject of snoring and apneas globally, with non-invasive treatments, surgery or with CPAP. All the service on one hand, from diagnosis to annual controls.

    ERASMUS PROMOTION -50% on GP consultation


    10% discount on Specialized Medicine, 50% on GP consultation!

    Enjoy your ERASMUS stay without worries ! In Medicality we offer you medicine with international standards. We speak spanish, english, german, french, dutch.

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    *you have to show your ERASMUS document to get the discount