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    Dra. Irene Hasenlechner

    • Doctor of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Homologation since December 2011
    • General Medicine Doctor, Homologation since January 2011
    • Bachelor of Medicine, Faculty of Medicine, University Vienna, Austria – 2002
    • Diploma of Osteopathy, WSO (Wiener Schule für Osteopathie), 6 years of studies, final exam 2013
    • Diploma of Manual Medicine / Chirotherapy, DGMM Ärzteseminar Hamm Boppard – 2006
    • Diploma of Acupuncture, ÖGKA (Österreichische Gesellschaft für kontrollierte Akupunktur) – 2008
    • Specialty Examination of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation of the College of Physicians, Austria – 2009


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    Técnica de la Osteopatía

    Osteopathy Technique

    In an Osteopathic session, I apply manual techniques to initially diagnose and find the source of the patient’s discomfort, taking into account that in the body all the structures are connected in some way. Therefore a pain in one region may come from another area of the body.

    Then, using manual techniques, I manipulate or mobilize the tissue, always adapting to the patient’s constitution to release joint disjunctions or to relax muscle contractions as facials.

    Normally we work in the 3 levels established in Osteopathy to have a more global and generalized vision about the patient’s problem:

    • Structural
    • Visceral
    • Cranio-sacral
    fisioterapia en valencia

    Indications and contraindications of an osteopathic treatment

    • Locomotor system: Lumbago, Cervicalgias, Dorsalgias, Pain in any joint, post-traumatic pain, contractures etc.
    • ATM Dysfunctions, Headache, Chronic Sinusitis
    • Functional digestive disorders, Scars
    • Gynecological disorders
    • In structural disorders such as degenerative diseases such as osteoarthritis, I can not achieve a cure, but I can get an improvement of the symptoms.

    As a Physical and Rehabilitation Medecine Doctor, conventional medecine plays an important role and we work in the Clinic in a multidisciplinary way.


    • Acute infections
    • Fever
    • Recent and hard fractures
    • Malignant tumors
    • First trimester pregnancy

    Osteopathy, Women and Pregnancy

    A focus in our clinic is the osteopathic treatment of women with complaints in the gynecological area, or in the back and lumbar area, for whom there is often no clarity underlying structural cause.
    Our osteopath also supports pregnant women (from the 3rd month). For a good, natural birth, free pelvic joints, good mobility of the lumbar spine and a relaxed, functional pelvic floor are an important prerequisite. A combination with prenatal acupuncture in our practice is possible.
    Other typical pregnancy complaints, such as back pain, sciatica or coccyx pain, can also be alleviated with osteopathic treatments.

    Further indications are:
    • Menstrual cramps
    • Chronic cystitis
    • Urinary incontinence
    • Complaints after gynecological operations or obstetric procedures
    • Fertility difficulties

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    Integrative Medicine in Valencia

    Integrative Medicine is defined as a healing-oriented medicine which considers the patient as a whole being (body, mind, and spirit).

    • It uses the best treatments available, both from complementary or alternative medicine, as well as from conventional medicine.
    • It is based on satisfactory scientific ground, and has the safest, least invasive, and most efficient approach, while focusing on an integral view of the individual.

    At medicality we pursue the idea of an integrative medicine in all medical fields

    That means to unite concepts of conventional medicine, preventive medicine, and complementary medicine. It focuses on the whole being, in order to achieve optimal health and healing.

    Integrative Medicine

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