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    How to carry out the intestinal cleansing and what benefits does it have?

    Colon cleansing has a long history and has been of great importance in different cultures. In the area of Natural Medicine, it plays a fundamental role, especially when it comes to body detoxication therapies.

    The intestinal flora is made up of hundreds of different microbes which play an essential role in the correct functioning of our body. They are crucial for our immune system, providing that the 80% of the immune system is located in the intestine. Consequently, a colon which lacks optimal activity not only will have direct local effects like constipation or poor nutrient absorption but will also trigger chronic pathological processes like recurrent infections, allergies or food intolerances, asthma, acne or rheumatism, including chronic fatigues and depressions.

    During the lifetime tiny parts of faeces get stuck on the walls of the colon which can’t be removed naturally due to the sedentary way of life and bad diet. This waste also provokes the repression of the natural bacterial flora and continuous intoxication of the body.

    Intestinal cleansing should be done very carefully and usually takes a long time (weeks or even months). The colon wall incrustations must soften and get gradually dissolved to avoid hurting the intestinal mucosa. A very quick cleansing can cause painful obstipation, headaches, body odour, nausea and weakness. Normal accompanying symptoms can be light digestive disturbances, fatigue, impure skin, mood swings, appetite loss and frequent stools.

    The most important components when it gets to purify the colon are Psyllium seeds (Plantago Ovata) as a soluble fibre, a mix of herbs to stimulate the depuration, the bentonite to tie up the toxins and the incrustations and the probiotics to regenerate the intestinal flora. It is important to accompany the intestinal cleansing with abundant water and healthy balanced diet rich in alkaline foods.

    The colon depuration should be carried out individually and be adapted to each organism, being supervised by a doctor.