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Ear hygiene

Every day we, the otoryngologists, receive the same questions in the consultation: How can I clean my ears, doctor? And how can I prevent the plugs from forming?

We will answer all these questions:

– First of all, wax is a natural product of our body (like saliva or sweat) and therefore has its function. It mainly protects the skin of the ear canal and hydrates it.

– Normally the ear expels excess wax out, and most people do not have the problem of ear plugs.

– When there is too much accumulation of wax, we can help this natural elimination with water and a little shampoo (when we wash the head) – only when there is no pathology or disease at the level of the ear. The ear is then dried with the towel or the hair dryer.

– Commercial sprays to clean the ear usually do not have an additional benefit, some patients even comment on an unpleasant sensation.

– It is never recommended using or introducing sticks or instruments such as hooks, pencil, etc. – there is a high risk of injury to the ear canal or even a perforation of the eardrum, and usually it is not possible to remove the plug, but rather it is pushed inwards.

– The best control is obtained in a visit with the specialist – under microscopic vision the cap is removed gently and without causing injuries. The patient with “experience” of removing plugs can often soften the wax before the consultation with the ENT with peroxide or Otocerum.

– You can not really avoid wax production because it is a natural process