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    What is Blood Tuning?

    How can we achieve a better energy level, avoid rapid fatigue, both mentally and physically? Maximizing vital energy allows us to exploit our resources optimally, but it also facilitates our daily life and strengthens our immune system.

    A basic key is in the blood: there are several parameters, hormones and essential nutrients that interact in the energy cycle and guarantee an optimal functioning of our cells. But, what are these valuable components? And why?

    With the Blood Tuning the levels of these elements are analyzed and adapted:

    • essential amino acids
    • essential fatty acids
    • minerals
    • vitamins and
    • hormones

    The essential amino acids and their function in the body:

    • Leucine and Isoleucine: muscular resistance, Isoleucin also synthesis of neurotransmitters
    • Valina: development of a strong immune system
    • Methionine: synthesis of proteins, acts on the immune system
    • Lysine: participates in the burning of fats, interacts in the viral defense
    • Phenylalanine: essential substance of hormones such as noradrenaline, endorphin. Elevates the mood.
    • Tryptophan: essential substance of serotonin and melatonin. Stress regulation, emotional balance, restful sleep.
    • Threonine: interacts in the immune system
    • Arginine: muscle growth, improves blood flow, elimination of ammonia
    • Histidine: oxygen transport
    • Taurine: fat burning and resistance

    Essential fatty acids and their function in the body:

    • alpha-linolenic acid: precursor of Omega 3, optimal brain and eye development
    • linoleic: precursor of Omega 6, compnente of the cell membrane, synthesis of prostaglandins

    Minerals and their function in the body:

    • Sodium: activates enzymes, stabilizes the circulatory system
    • Potassium: muscle strength, energy
    • Calcium: muscle contraction, bone metabolism, neuromuscular excitability
    • Magnesium: muscular resistance, dilatation of arteries, guarantees the optimal supply of cells with oxygen
    • Copper: supply of the cells with oxygen
    • Zinc: synthesis of proteins, fortalizes the immune system, regulation of testosterone level
    • Phosphate: energy metabolism of the cell, increases physical and mental resistance
    • Chromium: important factor in fat burning
    • Selenium: antioxidant function, emotional balance
    • Lead: toxic to nerves and bones
    • Cadmium: toxic to the kidneys
    • Aluminum: neurotoxic
    • Mercury: toxic for liver and kidneys

    The essential vitamins and their function in the body:

    • Vitamin A: antioxidant, cellular protection
    • Folic acid: regulates cell division, elimination of homocysteine, performance parameter
    • Vitamin B12: cell growth, cell division. Mental performance
    • Vitamin D: strengthens the immune system
    • Vitamin E: important antioxidant, increases physical and mental performance

    Important hormones for physical-mental performance:

    • Free testosterone: muscle growth, energy and activity
    • Cortisol: stress hormone, suppression of the immune system,
    • Somatomedin C: anti-aging hormone, fat burning, muscle growth
    • T3, T4, FSH: thyroid hormones, fat burning