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    Dra. Ana Beatriz Saud Barrios

    1989: Doctor of Medicine, Faculty of Medicine-  Oriente University, Venezuela

    2006-2008: Postgraduate training in Nuclear Medicine – Caracas, Venezuela

    2010: Graduate in Anti-Aging, Regenerative and Longevity Medicine – Caracas, Venezuela

    2008-2016: Head of Department of Nuclear Medicine Unit – General Hospital of Este, Venezuela

    2009-2016: Head of Department of Oncological Radiotherapy Unit, Institution of Doctor La Floresta, Venezuela

    2010-2016: Medical Assistant in Metabolic, Orthomolecular, Anti-Aging and Longevity Medicine – Caracas, Venezuela

    2016-2019: Health Coach en in Metabolic, Orthomolecular, Anti-Aging and Longevity Medicine, Vital Health Clinic, Santiago de Chile

    Currently:  Health Coach en in Metabolic, Orthomolecular, Anti-Aging and Longevity Medicine, medical titles in homologation process in Spain


    Anti Aging and Longevity Medicine is a Predictive, Preventive, Proactive, Personalized and Integrative Medicine whose application slows down the speed of normal aging and in this sense allows us to age healthily.

    About Anti Aging Medicine in Valencia

    The objective of applying and putting into practice the fundamental pillars of Anti-aging and Longevity Medicine is to keep us in good health regardless of the age of the person. Antiaging therapies have been shown to help you gain more years of life and a better life quality.

    A person’s longevity is only 25% dependent on their genetics, while 75% depends primarily on healthy daily habits.

    We differentiate the biological age from the chronological age, the latter only reflecting the actual years we have lived. Biological age defines aging that determines the wear and tear that our body has suffered throughout life and can vary according to lifestyle. A person subjected to uncontrolled stress, with an unbalanced diet, little rest and a sedentary lifestyle, may have a biological age greater than his chronological age, and on the contrary, healthy lifestyle habits, diet and exercise appropriate to individual needs and personalized preventive measures can lead to a biological age lower than chronological. It is “being young” or “being old” when we are evaluated based on chronological age.

    Antiaging Medicine deals with identifying the factors that damage our body and that favor the aging of our body and thus evaluates the biological age of each person. At the same time it proposes different powerful therapeutic tools to slow down this process and prolong life with a better state of health. Optimizing the level of age-related bio-markers helps prevent and cure chronic, degenerative and autoimmune diseases. Antiaging Medicine incorporates an integrative concept and takes into account that we are not just a body which functions based on biological processes, but we are a Biological-Psychological-Social-Ecological-Spiritual unit. Our genetics (genes and DNA) can be manipulated by external and environmental factors. Our environment transforms and changes our biology (Epigenetics) including our thoughts, beliefs and emotions.

    Benefits of Anti Aging Medicine

    • Prevention of cardiovascular, degenerative or cancerous diseases, as well as autoimmune conditions
    • Detoxification of pollutants and free radicals
    • Aging prevention and premature aging reversing
    • Restores the metabolic and hormonal balance, indicated for the treatment of disorders of the menstrual cycle and menopause, diabetes, overweight
    • Increases energy and body strength, physical performance and the feeling of well-being, also indicated as fluid therapy in Bioregulatory Sports Medicine
    • It is compatible with medication and allows its dosage to be reduced, it can be used as the main or complementary treatment
    • Comprehensive reinforcement of the immune system,  improves the state of health
    • Helps handle stress
    • Positive effect on sexual activity, both in men and women
    • Increases repair and revitalization at the cellular level
    • Improves the elasticity and hydration of the skin, stimulating the production of collagen and elastin
    • Improves the physical, mental, hormonal, energetic and emotional state and appearance of the person and thus the quality of life
    • Helps maintain cognitive functions in good condition

    The circle model and the therapeutic pillars of Anti Aging Medicine

    This model, which represents the integrated nature of health and well-being, is the basis of our coaching services in Anti-Aging and Longevity Medicine, that is, aging healthily. Our antiaging plan establishes a personalized treatment for each patient. The objective is to prolong the adult stage in full capacity to the maximum, restoring and preserving the quality of life.

    At Medicality we start everything from the core: your inner motivation to achieve sustainable change. Exploring your core encourages you to live your daily life meaningfully and to be true to what matters most to you.

    Physical activity

    We identify your individual physical level of endurance, strength and mobility and develop skills that allow you to perform optimally in life.


    Nutrition plays an important role in disease prevention, energy production, immunity, and physical and mental performance. Following a healthy diet is a key point in our therapeutic plan and allows your body to function optimally.

    We offer you the best advice based on scientific evidence, respecting the specific needs of your body and without going hungry. The objective is to achieve a balanced diet based on Orthomolecular Medicine, a healthy weight according to sex, age and physical activity, and consequently a healthy, energetic and nutritious life.

    Sleep and Recovery

    Restful sleep allows your mind and body to recover, regenerate and function optimally. Improving the quality of night’s rest and finding a sustainable balance between work and regeneration are key components of all our programs.

    Hormonal and metabolic balance

    Our approach is to achieve a functional balance in the body that allows us to reverse the biological damage caused by normal cellular aging.

    Stress management

    Stress considerably raises cortisol levels, producing immunosuppression. This in turn triggers the onset of acute and chronic diseases, including obesity. In our antiaging therapies we provide you with powerful tools to have a greater ability to adapt and manage stress.

    Orthomolecular natural supplementation

    Most of the food we eat does not provide us with the adequate amounts of nutrients we need because it comes from the cultivation of polluted soils, poor in nutrients and with many chemical additives. On the other hand, there are factors that lead to cell damage due to oxidation by free radicals (environmental pollution, ionizing radiation, exercise and infections). With adequate supplementation of vitamins, minerals and amino acids and according to individual needs (determined by OligoScan) the neutralization of free radicals is optimized and thus we restore and maintain health.

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    Integrative Medicine in Valencia

    Integrative Medicine is defined as a healing-oriented medicine which considers the patient as a whole being (body, mind, and spirit).

    • It uses the best treatments available, both from complementary or alternative medicine, as well as from conventional medicine.
    • It is based on satisfactory scientific ground, and has the safest, least invasive, and most efficient approach, while focusing on an integral view of the individual.

    At medicality we pursue the idea of an integrative medicine in all medical fields

    That means to unite concepts of conventional medicine, preventive medicine, and complementary medicine. It focuses on the whole being, in order to achieve optimal health and healing.

    Integrative Medicine

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    The first session lasts approximately 60 minutes, the next one approximately 30 minutes (for multiple sessions, we offer attractive bonus cards of 5 or 10 sessions).

    Una alimentación equilibrada y sana

    Balanced and healthy diet

    Although it may seem the easiest and the most obvious nowadays, providing the quantity and variety of products we have in this country, people still ask themselves such questions as:

    • What does my body really need?
    • Do I have a food intolerance?
    • Why do I not lose or gain weight?
    • Why do I have digestive problems?

    There are a lot of problems which are connected to our diet and any of them can provoke allergic reactions, weaken our immune system with frequent infections, be the reason of depression, diabetes or even cancer. That is why in the modern medicine the correct diet plays the fundamental role in the prevention and treatment of diseases.

    Nuestra opinion

    Our opinion

    In Medicality we consider that a good diet is a key factor to the prevention of diseases. We live in a society with a large amount of food products, so many that we do not know the real composition of the majority of them. This lack of knowledge, together with sedentary lifestyle, increases our risk of suffering diseases such as:

    • Cardiovascular disease
    • Diabetes mellitus type 2
    • Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
    • Cancer

    The general objective of nutrition consultations is to learn to eat healthily. For this, each individual will be evaluated in a personalized way, detecting the failures in his way of life and offering possible solutions.

    We offer several types of consultation according to the specific objectives of the patient.

    Nutrición clínica

    Clinical Nutrition

    Addressed to :

    • People with weight problems, who need to lower their percentage of fat
    • People with any pathology that require a specific diet to control this disease
    • People who want to learn to eat more healthily, with the goal of acquiring habits that last for a lifetime

    In all sessions will be measured:

    • Weight
    • Muscle mass percentage
    • Waist circumference
    • Hip circumference
    Nutrición deportiva

    Sport Nutrition

    Addressed to :

    • Professional athletes who seek to improve their sports performance
    • Amateur sportsmen who want to learn to eat healthy based on their training
    • People who want to increase muscle mass
    • People who want to decrease their percentage of fat

    ¿How do we work?

    Through anthropometric folds we calculate the percentage of fat of our clients and obtain reference values to be able to see their evolution. In turn, we carry out personalized diets, both open and closed. In the case of closed diets, these consist of a 7-day menu to be repeated for a month. The closed diets also include a shopping list and the recipes of all the dishes that we suggest you cook. Finally, in each session, we observe through nutritional workshops which are the best strategies for good sports nutrition or, if necessary, a good supplementation.

    Coaching nutricional

    Nutritional Coaching

    Addressed to :

    • People who find it hard to follow a strict diet
    • People who have never managed to maintain healthy habits over time
    • People with food anxiety or eating disorders

    ¿How do we work?

    In the nutritional coaching sessions it is the patient himself who sets his goals. Analyzing the problems they have to achieve their goal, we look for the patient’s own resources so that they can reach the way to achieve it. In addition, the coaching sessions will be performed together with nutrition education sessions, so that the patients have all the possible information to be able to consider their own objectives.

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